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What is Green Card Capital?

At Green Card Capital, we assist you in getting US Green Cards for yourself and your family members. Green Card Capital assists you in immigrating to the United States by taking advantage of the E-2 Treaty Visa Program. Green Card Capital has a team of top licensed professionals speaking more than 17 languages ready to assist you throughout the entire Visa process, from application submission to securing US Green Cards for you and your loved ones. Green Card Capital also assists individuals and families from treaty countries to start their own US business, with US residence taking advantage of E-2 and E-1 Treaty Investor Visas.

How can Green Card Capital assist you?

At Green Card Capital, we help you from the beginning to the end.

  • We assess your unique US immigration goals and priorities.
  • We assess whether you and your family members are eligible for the E2 Visa or not.
  • Our Team will study the issues which can cause rejection for your E2 Application.
  • Our Team will inform you the entire procedure regarding the obtaining of a US Green Card and immigration.
  • We will inform you the steps involved in getting permanent immigration to the USA.
  • We guide you to fill up the E2 Application form.
  • We will help you prepare all necessary immigration documentation pertaining to your E2 status.
  • If you qualify for any other Visa category such as E-1 or L-1 we assist you in the process.
  • Our Team works with industry leaders to match you with best franchises and business alliances in USA.
  • Our Team has on-ground local presence wherever you live, to assist you for your E-2 Treaty Investor needs.

Green Card Capital Expertise

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of executives and advisors with varied life experiences,
languages and work expertise, all focused on forging long-term relationships

Team Expertise includes:

  • Investment Banking

  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Marketing

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