The E-2 Visa

E-2 Visa
Amount of Investment There is no minimum investment, but the investment must be substantial
Must Create Jobs? No minimum job creation requirement. Future job creation helps an E-2 petition case.
Investor's Employment Investor must be directly involved
Timing 3-4 months
Procedure Change of status or counselor processing
Can your spouse work? Yes
Permanent Residence E2 is not a path to permanent residence
Do children lose their dependent status after 21? Yes, they need to change to different Visa
Can Family/Investor attend school? Yes
Employment Authorization No for Investor***. Yes for spouse 2 to 3 months of E-2 approval
Do you lose your visa if you sell the business? Yes, the E-2 is tied to the business
Expedited Services Premium processing is available
Relevance of Country Only Treaty countries on the Treaty Country List****
Necessity of Overseas Company No
Buying Existing Company Ok
Geographical area Any
Prior Employment overseas required? No
Initial length of visa Up to 5 Years
Maximum Period Unlimited extensions

* With the permission of The Immigration Law Firm Andrew P. Johnson this E-2 Visa chart was quoted directly from an article written by the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson.

** As noted in the original article by the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson (This is a general (non-detailed) summary and should not be taken as legal advice)

*** However the investor can work at his company for which he obtained E-2 from (please note, these are the present USCIS processing times, and the processing times can increase or decrease based on the work load of the government)

**** View Treaty Country List

***** OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) has some restrictions for Iran, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Syria, and North Korea

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